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OBL in the Community: KNEAD Community Cafe

There's more to OBL than disability benefits; we are truly passionate about giving back! The last year has been so hard for so many. We recognize that we are in a position that allows us to help in small ways and enjoy doing so! Thanks to the wonderful people at Knead Community Cafe, we were able to help a little by sponsoring a Grab N' Go dinner yesterday evening that fed over 250 people! Our very own Amy DeSanto was on site to help pass out meals. Knead Community Café located in downtown New Kensington, Pa, is committed to serving healthy...

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7 Things to Know About the Social Security Disability Trial Work Period

Sometimes beneficiaries mistakenly think that once they start receiving disability benefits, they are “stuck” and can never go back to work again, even if their condition improves. Thankfully, the Social Security Administration (SSA) supports individuals who want to try to return to work through various work incentives that allow beneficiaries to attempt to work without jeopardizing their monthly disability income and Medicare benefits. One of these incentives is called the Trial Work Period, commonly abbreviated as TWP. The TWP, is a special allowance that allows you to work up to nine months without losing your monthly disability payments. Disability Benefit decisions...

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Can You Get Disability Benefits Because of Migraine Headaches?

Migraine headaches can absolutely interfere with full-time work so does SSA pay disability to people that suffer from them? The answer is yes, sometimes, but you need good documentation! When applying for benefits, there are several pieces of information that the SSA will likely want record of. For instance, the SSA will look at limitations that the applicant experiences on a regular basis, but they’ll also look at what kinds of employment options they have. Plus, the SSA will look at the medical evidence to determine whether or not it backs up the claims that the applicant is making. Learn more...

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SSA ALJ Hearings During Covid

Since March of 2020, SSA has been conducting Administrative Law Judge hearings by telephone. Our firm has been successful with this new format and we find that it actually offers many benefits to claimants! At first, many of our clients were hesitant that the Judge wouldn't "see" them. "I know folks are concerned about a Judge denying them easier with a phone hearing. I have not noticed any difference in outcomes between in-person and phone hearings. A plus that I have found is that clients don’t have the stress or expense of physically getting to a hearing office." explains OBL...

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Panic Disorder Can Be Disabling!

People with Panic Disorder can have episodes of intense fear that isn’t caused by an outside environmental factor that it would be reasonable to fear. Panic attacks can last for several minutes or longer, and they can make going to work and doing a job well all the more difficult or maybe even impossible. Anyone who thinks that they have a panic disorder should learn about the condition, how it’s treated, and ways that they can receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Panic disorders are covered in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book under the listing of Anxiety Disorders....

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Karl Osterhout Presents Webinar for OBL FDC Referral Partners

We value working with skilled disability representatives from across the country to appeal cases in federal court. In doing so, we have a unique perspective and want to share the trends we see with our referral partners on a regular basis. Karl Osterhout most recently accomplished this by providing a webinar titled "The Treating Physician Rule is NOT Dead" to representatives who refer cases to us. This presentation gave simple suggestions for documenting evidence to fulfill the requirements of consistency and supportability in the new evidence rules based on the success our firm has seen at the federal court level. We...

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OBL Supports Operation Safety Net

OBL Partner Lindsay Osterhout (with some help) put together 100 hygiene kits and dropped them off at Pittsburgh Mercy's Operation Safety Net program today! The kits include needed items such as socks, hand warmers, chapstick, deodorant, toothpaste, soap and other personal products for men and women. Operation Safety Net offers services that help people and empower them to improve their quality of life. They also strive to address the circumstances that undermine mental, physical, and emotional well-being. OBL fully supports its mission as many of our clients through the years have benefited from its services. It is our hope that other...

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Lindsay Osterhout is a Resource for Community Leaders!

If you regularly work with individuals who may have physical or mental impairments that keep them from being able to work full time, please remember that Lindsay Osterhout at Osterhout Berger Disability Law is here to help you! Whether you refer the individual to us for assistance with their disability claim, or you just have a few questions about the process, please keep Lindsay's contact information handy! Also, remember if your team needs training, Lindsay frequently provides in-person or zoom training to case managers, therapists and other community leaders. Email Lindsay at [email protected] or call her at 412-794-8506 x 402 [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ews3Tq-XLn8[/embed]...

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A Message from Karl Osterhout About Food Waste and 412 Food Rescue

I know that we here at OBL talk a lot about 412 Food Rescue, but it's really just because there is so much to talk about! So much food waste (amazing amounts wasted!) even while so many folks face a constant (and often losing) battle to feed themselves and their kids! But Leah Lizarondo and her amazing team, often called the "Uber for food recovery," has an amazing web platform and community-based system which makes it incredibly easy to help, using their "Food Heroes" app! Not only have they already helped redirect over 9 million meals from over 2300 food...

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Advice to Our Clients Applying for Disability from OBL Paralegal, Tracy Riggins

"Tracy the Paralegal that I worked with was incredible, and very attentive and responsive to all of my requests and many phone calls and questions. She is AWESOME." - M.E. "Tracy is one of the paralegals that was with me from the beginning to the end. She was full of vital information pertaining to my case and would return my calls and emails right away. Tracy was courteous and professional even when I was frustrated at times." - R.B Our clients are consistently happy with the service they receive from our paralegal extraordinaire, Tracy Riggins, and for good reason...

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