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What If My Insurance Company Wants To Represent Me In My Social Security Disability Claim?

Based on our extensive experience handling long-term disability (LTD) claims, we know that about one third of Social Security disability clients are also either receiving or applying for LTD benefits. Indeed, we have helped many of our Social Security disability clients get their LTD! Many insurance policies require that an LTD claimant also apply for Social Security disability (almost always when the LTD insurance is part of a benefit received from your employer; private LTD policies usually do not include this requirement). Please understand: The only reason they want this is that most LTD policies allow the insurance company to...

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Introducing Our Newest Attorney, Bobby Parker!

[caption id="attachment_4978" align="alignleft" width="208"] Attorney Bobby Parker[/caption] OBL is very pleased to announce the addition of Bobby Parker of Hendersonville, Tennessee as a new attorney in the federal court appeals department. Following his graduation from Nashville School of Law, he worked for 12 years at a prominent Nashville law firm representing Social Security claimants. He has extensive experience representing Social Security disability claimants both in thousands of administrative hearings as well as presenting hundreds of Federal Court appeals on behalf of his disabled clients. Managing Partner, Hannalore Merritt, says of Bobby: "We are very fortunate to have met Bobby and for...

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Disability Benefits for Borderline Personality Disorder

For some people, borderline personality disorder (BPD) can leave them incapacitated and unable to hold a job. Anyone who has this diagnosis should know what kinds of options might be available to them through the Social Security Administration, which uses the Blue Book to determine who is eligible for disability benefits according to the certain criteria for their disability. The listing in the Blue Book for borderline personality disorder is actually the same one that’s used for all personality disorders, including intermittent explosive disorder, avoidant personality disorder, and schizoid personality disorder. To qualify for disability benefits, the applicant must have a diagnosis...

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Long Term Disability – Key Terms

While some workers may not think that they may become disabled and unable to work, many do. The Council for Disability Awareness reports that 25 percent of people in their 20’s will become disabled at some point during their careers, and the average disability-related absence from work is nearly three years. Some people have short-term disability insurance provided to them by their employers as optional benefits, and they might not understand the difference between that coverage and long-term disability coverage. Short-term disability coverage lasts for a short duration, normally no longer than three to six months. By contrast, long-term disability...

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June 6 is National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivor’s Day recognizes cancer survivors, and raises awareness of the challenges they face and, importantly, celebrates life. A cancer “survivor,” by some definitions, is simply someone who, to put it bluntly, hasn’t died from their cancer. In that sense, 3 1/2 years after my diagnosis and first surgery, I qualify. But, “life” is so much different from “being alive,” a point driven home to me in a million ways trying to recover from a second surgery and getting through covid last year! Thanks to brilliant capable doctors, I’m far closer to that five year point where I can be considered...

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Don’t Get Scammed!

Unfortunately, scammers are getting savvier by the day and Social Security is a huge area of concern. You probably have received a call where an automated message announces that there is an issue with your social security number and you need to call right away to correct it. The fraudsters are even using live callers now! Unfortunately, many people get taken advantage of because they really think there is an issue and they end up offering payment or giving their information to a stranger who uses it to hack into other accounts. You should know that if there is ever a...

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Spinal Stenosis and Social Security Disability

An impinged nerve can cause a lot of pain and muscle weakness. There are a lot of reasons that a nerve could be irritated or even pinched, including spinal stenosis. If it gets bad enough, some people might even find it difficult to work. This condition can make it difficult or painful to walk, stand, sit, and do other everyday activities. Anyone who thinks that they might have spinal stenosis or another related condition should make an appointment with their doctor. But they should also look into what they’ll need to take care of their bills until they’re able to...

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Hannalore Merritt Named Partner and President of Osterhout Berger Disability Law!

Congratulations to Hannalore Merritt! As of April 1, Hannalore has been named a Partner and our new President at OBL! Her new duties can be best understood as what is usually called "Managing Partner," and will be responsible not only for her own department (the Appellate Department), but also for typical managing partner duties including setting the vision for OBL going forward outwardly in terms of marketing, outreach, etc., as well, as inwardly in terms of improving our internal systems and office environment. We are very excited to have her as a Partner, colleague, and friend. As Karl remembers: "My employee search game...

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We Appreciate Social Workers and Case Managers!

As we close out National Professional Social Work Month, we wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the social workers and case managers that give so much of their time making our world a better place.  Lindsay Osterhout regularly works with local social workers and had the following to say: I am so grateful that this month is set aside to highlight the essential work these professionals perform for our community.  We work with case managers from service providers in Western Pennsylvania and the Jacksonville, Florida.  These individuals display patience and dedication to what is a lot of...

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OBL Featured at NADR’s 2021 Conference

We are just back from the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR) 2021 Annual Conference and had a great time talking to other representatives! It was a hybrid conference so we were able to connect with attendees in-person and virtually. Not only did Osterhout Berger sponsor the conference, but our own Lindsay Osterhout was also a presenter! Lindsay's highly reviewed presentation instructed attendees on how to make convincing prehearing briefs that clearly outline the theory of the case so that the judge can better understand the argument. We are so glad NADR holds events that allow disability representatives and attorneys from...

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