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Veterans, Did You Know You Can Draw Both VA and Social Security Disability?

Don't leave money on the table! If you are unable to perform substantial work, you should apply for Social Security disability benefits, EVEN IF you are already drawing VA disability benefits. While the Social Security Administration does not base its decision on the VA disability rating, we can utilize the same medical record evidence to prove an inability to sustain competitive full-time work. SSA may even expedite your claim if you have a 100% VA P&T compensation rating or if your impairment was combat-related (https://www.ssa.gov/people/veterans/). There are a few key differences between the VA and Social Security disability processes you should...

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OBL Wants To Help Representatives Attend NADR 2020!

In this profession, it is crucial to stay on top of recent developments and policy changes! The National Association of Disability Representatives holds conferences each year designed to allow representatives to sharpen their skills and get necessary updates in order to better help their clients. OBL has sponsored this conference for years and we want to help representatives with the costs of attending. Once again, we are offering three scholarships for $395 each! The 2020 conference will be in Puerto Rico, April 4-8! If you are a disability representative that would like to attend, but need to cut costs, apply...

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New Tool for Representatives: Circuit Reporter

Karl Osterhout knows how important it is for representatives to stay on top of recent developments and social security court cases and that is why he has added the Circuit Reporter to our website. "Just as a natural course of doing business in district courts all across the country, we need to keep track of case law developments throughout all the federal circuits. It dawned on me one day that since we have all this information that we have to accumulate anyway, it might be worthwhile to folks if we published it. For someone, for instance, practicing in the Second...

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OBL on FIRE: OBL Win Results in Over $300,000 to Claimant

This case falls into the "it never hurts to ask" category. But, before you can ask, you really need to dig into a case, and Lindsay was very persistent with SSA about producing files related to applications for benefits the claimant told her he had filed in the distant past. Because she was so persistent and focused in her strategy for the case, she obtained evidence that SSA had actually found our client disabled in the late 90s (he never actually received any benefits because of excess resources). However, the finding of disability was made by SSA prior to our...

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OBL On Fire: A Month FULL of Wins!

OBL has a strong track record of monthly favorable decisions outnumbering unfavorable decisions. For 2019 we have been successful at an average rate of over 66%. June was an especially amazing month of wins with almost 30 decisions being received and over 70% of those decisions being favorable for our clients. As many who are familiar with the Social Security Disability process know, it's becoming more difficult to be successful in a disability claim over the last several years. In response, OBL has worked hard to meet those challenges by developing the argument of your case earlier in the process...

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We Love These Thank You Notes!

We are always happy to receive cards and notes from grateful clients, but last week, we received thank you notes from some very important people! Take a look at some of the lovely handwritten notes participants in the Girls on the Run - Magee Womens Hospital UPMC sent to us to thank us for sponsoring the program.   GOTR empowers young girls in our community and we are happy to support the organization and our future leaders. This past spring, GOTR-Magee Womens Hospital UPMC was about to host 68 sites in their 8 country region with 12 of them being...

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Congratulations to the New Class of EDPNAs!

Every year, the Social Security Administration administers a rigorous exam to non-attorney disability representatives who wish to have direct fee withholding like attorneys do. The exam is not for the faint of heart and usually requires months of study. The National Association of Disability Representatives provides a comprehensive exam prep course, but even with that, most of the test questions are designed for individuals that have years of experience in working with disability claims. The exam is only offered once a year, in one location, and is fairly expensive. If the test taker passes, they become an “EDPNA” or Eligible...

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